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Peace and Love Fancy Family,

I am Dorian “FancyFlossie” Wright a mother, activist, and consultant hailing from the thriving city of Indianapolis, Indiana. I strongly believe in “Planting Seeds and Producing Visions”. I guarantee high quality experiences for each client. My objective is to utilize my research and development skills, obtained while attending thee illustrious Historically Black College and University, Kentucky State.

While attending KSU, I found my deepest passions and love for self, family and community. I began to explore new ventures through various organizations where I gained my strategic planning and project management skills. I found myself uplifting, motivating and utilizing people’s strengths to become the greater good we all speak of seeing. I always had the ability to empower others with what was already inside of them. I began to create opportunities for black men and women, providing platforms that would allow them to monetize their skills. I realized my purpose, I understood this was the work that moved me and needed to be done!

After exploring many studies: psychology, education, journalism and mass communication: I finished strong with my Bachelors of Art in History. My love for knowledge is unmatched. I pride myself in the skills and ability to identify problems and solutions of the past. I'm driven to “apply pressure” to the times in which my children will live to see.. because to be AWARE, is to be ALIVE.

I love the fact that all of my skills and abilities are interchangeable. Don’t limit yourself to one stream of income, join the fancy family and learn how to create generational wealth. Humbly,

- FancyFlossie, The Consultant

Our Mission 

FancyFlossie Consulting’s mission is to provide and connect multiple resources to individuals, businesses and families in efforts to create a positive impact to ones livelihood.

Our Vision

Fancy Flossie Consulting's vision is to be the most connected, most respected consultant agency. Dedicated to our clients growth and development.

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